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Reaction Audio Visual has been working with the eSporting industry for years. This industry continues to provide our company with the most fulfilling and remarkable events to our resume. We provide leading event technology and production services for eSporting competitions, tournaments and other industry related events. These include Extreme Masters, Dreamhack, TNT’s eLeague and more. Reaction Audio Visual stands out from other AV providers because we understand the atmosphere and environment that needs to be created. We recognize that having up to the minute, high-end technology is a critical part of eSports. We always make sure to align that same level of impressive technology by providing only the latest gear at each event. In addition, Reaction Audio Visual provides a knowledgeable team of production specialists to help personalize your event every step of the way. If something needs to be changed last minute we will be sure to take care of it without any hesitation. Regardless of what you are trying to create for your audience, Reaction Audio Visual has the tools to make your event something that is one of a kind, memorable and sure to stand out from the competition.



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3 Ways To Make Your Event Stand Out

July 20, 2017

Events connect people, breed innovation, build communities, and spark change. Most of the time, they are easily engrained in our memory. Don’t let your special occasion stand out in a bad way. Check out this infographic for three ideas at your next event to ensure a positive memorable experience for your guests!

Tips On Hiring Your Next AV Team

April 20, 2017

We may be a bit biased, but we truly believe that audio visual technology is a critical part of any event. AV can truly create that “wow factor” that your audience will remember for months even after your event is over.  The AV team that you hire needs to be reliable, able to work the technology successfully, know the trends in the industry, and give you the effective support that you need. Use our tips below when hiring a new AV staff:

The Top AV Must Haves For eSporting Events

July 28, 2016

The popularity of eSporting events is on the rise. eSports is a form of sports where the primary aspects are facilitated by electronic systems; the input of players and teams as well as the output of the eSports systems are meditated by human-computer interfaces (ie.- competitive video gaming). These events are becoming one of the most popular to attend. Fans want to be more involved instead of just playing or watching it at home. They want to sharpen their skills and watch their favorite players live. There is a lot that these fans expect and want, so if you are planning an eSporting competition, these are your must-haves to make your event successful:

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