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Kelly Blue Book is ‘The Trusted Resource’ for buying and selling new and used automobiles. It is a vehicle valuation and automotive research company that is recognized by both consumers and the automotive industry. On, consumers can find the tools they need to value a particular automobile for purchasing or selling, along with tools that can help them decide what car is best for them and so on. KBB is also an accredited source for reviewing different cars on the market today, and has won many awards for their ability to do so and to empower consumers.


Reaction Audio Visual has provided AV solutions for many of Kelly Blue Book’s strategic internal events, both on and off-site of the event locations. What this means is that we not only provide the AV gear and services for the events, but we also digitally record those events so employees of KBB can view and obtain the knowledge being divulged at them from external locations. This is extremely important for those who cannot be present at events as KBB prides itself on being at the top of customer satisfaction, so it is vital that everyone within their company is on the same page. Furthermore, Reaction Audio Visual makes sure that all turnkey solutions in both the audio and visual realms are executed flawlessly where previous vendors have not been up to par – particularly in situations where the CEOs and Presidents of KBB and its parent company, Autotrader, have been present. Reaction Audio Visual is proud that we can meet the standards of such a well-known and esteemed leader in the automobile industry.

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