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Disney’s Lucasfilm is an American film and television production company. The studio is best known for films such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones. They are a leader in developing special effects, sound and computer animation for film. The company itself has a variety of projects, one specific project specifially that Reaction AV has worked on with Lucasfilm for many years is the Star Wars Celebration held in various convention centers in southern California. The most recent event was held at the Anaheim Convention Center in April 2015. There were over 100,000 people who descended into Anaheim to see SWC! These fans were of all different ages, ranging as young as a couple years old to senior citizens. The attendees encompassed the entire Convention Center including every Hall and every room. Our company provided all the event technology solutions including badge registration, computer networks/stations, pro audio/video/lighting for the general sessions, break out rooms, mini-general sessions, and so forth. We also provided live video recording and presentation and had almost 30 technicians onsite for a week.


This show was challenging from many different perspectives including the size and scope of the event, live recording of well-known actors, the secrecy and anticipation of the trailer and teaser release, along with some serious technical hurdles. Disney is known for their attention to detail and focus on visual and audio perfection so there was no room for error. The event was a huge success and Disney’s Lucasfilm was very happy that their vision for the event exceeded all their expectations. Reaction Audio Visual felt privileged to support Lucasfilm and Disney in the “biggest Star Wars Celebration yet”- as expressed by Kathleen Kennedy, the President of Lucasfilm. We provided all of the event technology that occupied the entire convention center in order to execute a flawless event. For the main arena our techs built a Celebration Stage with a gigantic 80′ wide custom projection screen blend and 88 line array speakers with 17 massive subwoofers that created true 5.1 surround sound. In addition, the trailer was streamed live to different areas of the convention center and online to millions of viewers. Reaction Audio Visual provided cutting edge technology to the entire convention: inside the ballroom where attendees were able to view Star Wars movies, different exhibit halls, speaker panels, and the numerous exhibit booths.


“I finally have a second to send another word of sincere thanks! I am well aware that you and your team are a huge reason why our main stage shows were a hit— a huge reason. The team this year was the best to date!! Additional kudos goes to Phil for yet again being our #1 rock star. I was seriously impressed with everyone. You really stacked the deck for us and all 14 of our shows benefited from it! You and your team allowed me to have great confidence with any last minute “surprises” to respond by saying, “Yes, we can do that.” You and your team are world class and I need you to know that your expertise and flexibility is extremely appreciated.
Thank you for going the extra mile and making use (and all that stepped foot on the main stage) look so good.”

- Disney Executive, Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 

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