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Nintendo is the world’s largest video game company by revenue. It is known for bringing games like Nintendo 64, Game Boy and the Wii to life. Nintendo of America is represented at many different gaming conventions- including the PAX events. Fans are able to get hands on with the new games and consoles that are releasing. Being such a well known company, they need an audio visual provider who will not disappoint their fans!


Reaction AV has been providing event technology for Nintendo at the PAX events since 2009. We provide high-end technology solutions. Exhibit booths are a great way to bring interest to your new products and games. Reaction AV knows how to construct booths so that it stands out from the crowd. Our production team has been able to help with anything from booth set up, equipment rental, gaming areas, hanging monitors and even on site tech support! Our attention to detail is why Nintendo continues to rely on us for these events!

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