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The Port of Long Beach is one of the world’s largest and most utilized seaports, pushing through over $180 billion of goods for trading each year. The U.S. recognizes the Port of Long Beach as one of their premier seaports not only for this massive volume of trade that takes place within its boundaries, but also for the Port’s efforts to build a more green and environmentally friendly atmosphere. Additionally, the Port of Long Beach provides over 300,000 jobs in Southern California-making it a huge economic force throughout the country. For these reasons Reaction Audio Visual is proud to have the opportunity to work with such a prominent company in the community.


Reaction Audio Visual has been the official AV provider for the Port of Long Beach and all their events for a handful of years. The support we provide for these events includes a wide range of services and equipment, from projection, to sound, to outdoor LED walls, and all of the staff needed to support these technical happenings. Recently, Reaction Audio Visual provided AV for the Port of Long Beach’s 100th Anniversary. The event included converged HD large projection, live sound, powerful speakers, and entertainment for the evening in an enormous tent for dignitaries around the world. In addition, Reaction AV is dedicated to meeting the needs of any other events the POLB may host, including meetings, press events, and special occasions.

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