Most Useful Production Tips for Event Planners

September 24, 2015


Planning an event can be quite stressful- it is even more nerve-racking if you are not very familiar with the equipment and how much it typically costs to rent. Often times, an event planner’s knowledge of technology production is pretty limited (download our free eBook to learn more about AV). Which is why you should work hand in hand with your audio visual partner for the best results. Here are four production tips our team has for event planners:


1. Set a Realistic Budget.

First and foremost, you need to set a realistic budget. If you are not aware of what specifics you need, or how much the equipment costs- call one of your audio visual contacts and have a discussion about the type of event you are considering.  Let them make a few suggestions and help you set a range. Just a quick 20-minute conversation in the beginning will save you so many hours of frustration and stress in the planning process. Plus there will be fewer surprises that you have to deal with!


2. Choose a Trustworthy Tech Company. 

For the best results and to maintain consistency throughout all of your events- choose an AV production company and stick with them! Working together frequently makes it easier for both parties overtime.  The AV company will learn to know your style, and how your events typically go. This helps keep your branding and production flow pretty steady. For the event planner, each event will be a little less stressful (in regards to the event technology) because you trust your AV provider to do their best, as you know you are on the same page and you are acquainted with the technical staff. After working with a few AV companies, a lot of event planners tend to choose an official provider for all of their events because it makes the process so much easier!


3. Explain Your Idea & Trust Your AV Provider.

After setting a budget you are willing to work with, you can go into more specifics like discussing the whole vision for your event and the experience you would like for your attendees. A professional audio visual team should be able to take your ideas (and realistic budget) and transform a plain room into something incredible.  When it comes to the day-of the event, trust your AV provider! After all, they are the experts who deal with event technology everyday. They know what is best, and they want to see your event be a success.  So leave the technical details to the experts!


4. Don’t Forget The Small Details.

It is easy to focus on getting the big details completed. But the small points are just as important. Sometimes, they could even make or break your event. Be sure to ask yourself: Am I live streaming? Do I need Wi-Fi connectivity? Does my venue of choice provide power or are there separate power fees? Whatever your list of small details may include- make sure to clue in your audio visual partner so you are on the same page. If you check off the little details on your list early in the planning cycle, it will contribute to a much easier overall process.


Do you have an exciting event coming up and you are in need of a one stop shop that provides all of your technology needs?! Well look no further! We are able to save you thousands on production costs by offering world-class event technology at common sense pricing. With our experience, we are able to make your event one of a kind, memorable, and sure to stand out from the competition. Feel free to email us at, or give us a toll free call at (877) 273-6887 so we can start discussing what Reaction AV can do for you!

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