The Truth About Using In-House Event Technology

November 19, 2015


As an event planner, your ultimate goal is to have the best event possible while minimizing your costs. You may not realize that by carefully selecting your audio visual provider may not only help your budget, but could determine the success of your event. While there is no secret formula that can help you decide what type of AV company you should choose, you do need to make an educated decision. Although the venue provides in-house audio visual for your convenience, you cannot forget that it is also for their additional profit. Is it worth using the in-house AV? Here are three things you need to consider first…


  1. In-House Does Not Cost Less.
    An in-house provider cannot work with a flexible budget because they split revenue with their venue, which could be anywhere from 45-60%. This results in you, as the client, paying up to two times more for equipment than you really should. For example, if you order a monitor from your venue’s in-house company, it may cost about $700. They would give the venue 50% of the revenue and keep the rest for themselves ($375 each). On top of that, they will also tack on additional service fees (sometimes as much as 30%)! But if you use a good outside vendor, you could get that same monitor for around $250 with no additional fees. That’s a whole lot of money that you could allocate elsewhere! The independent AV company’s prices are usually much more competitive and they are more willing to negotiate to adjust to your budget needs.


  1. Lack of Customer Service.
    Since in-house vendors already have contracts with their venues, they get most of their business just by being associated with a certain hotel. They are essentially order takers. But do not be fooled into thinking that just because you are hosting an event at a 5-star venue that the audio visual will have the same quality of service. Most hotels have technology as an “add on,” so they will not give it the true attention it deserves. Additionally, most in-house technicians have minimal experience with audio visual technology, as this is an entry-level position. In fact, after some time these technicians later move on to work for the independent AV companies. Unlike in-house, the independent AV provider has no choice but to provide excellence to their clients time after time or they would not survive as a company! They rely on customer satisfaction to get new clients and develop long-term relationships with existing ones. If you continue to work with the same good AV vendor, you can expect a team consistency with technicians who are formally trained and have been working with event technology for years!


  1. Lack of Quality.
    Very often hotels lack high-end equipment. This is due to the contract that is signed between the hotel and the in-house AV company that states that the in-house provider has to supply equipment to all of the hotels locations (which could be hundreds). Even if in the beginning the in-house vendor purchases quality equipment, it is a large investment for them to update or renew their items every few years. Also, hotels are now just maintaining the most basic equipment (so you may be in trouble if you have an elaborate idea or if you have a last minute emergency). On the other hand, you can expect a good independent AV company to have a much more diverse inventory with equipment that is updated to the latest models to keep up with the competition.


As you can see, even though choosing in-house could be convenient, it is not always the best route to go. Choosing a good independent AV company could help minimize your costs while having a successful event! Reaction Audio Visual is a nationwide, single source independent provider for all of your event technology needs. Our team has over 45 years of combined experience in technology, audio visual, and computer rentals. We have many advantages over our competitors: we provide quick responses as we have 24-hour customer support, quality equipment is provided that is updated to the latest models and/or software, our team personally works with our clients to customize their events, and best of all- we have very competitive pricing for the services that we offer! When you hire our team, we work by your side with your staff to ensure the best possible AV production support. Give us a toll-free call today at (877) 273-6887 so we can start to discuss what we can do for you!


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