The Top AV Must Haves For eSporting Events

July 21, 2016



The popularity of eSporting events is on the rise. eSports is a form of sports where the primary aspects are facilitated by electronic systems; the input of players and teams as well as the output of the eSports systems are meditated by human-computer interfaces (ie.- competitive video gaming). These events are becoming one of the most popular to attend. Fans want to be more involved instead of just playing or watching it at home. They want to sharpen their skills and watch their favorite players live. There is a lot that these fans expect and want, so if you are planning an eSporting competition, these are your must-haves to make your event successful:


1. An Experienced Event Technology Company

Who you hire will ultimately make or break your show. Live events are all about the community and atmosphere. According to the “eSporting Effects Survey” by Eventbrite, attendees say that the big sights, sounds, screens and stages are all compelling reasons to see the tournaments live. While a regular AV provider will set up and make sure that the equipment is working properly, an experienced AV company will be able to create a memorable experience for your audience because they have worked within this specialized industry, they understand the requirements and the level of technology of eSporting competitions.



2. LED Walls

LED Walls deliver the maximum imaginative digital solution that can really enhance an experience. They produce the brightest images possible that can catch the eyes of more people – even in bright daylight! Additional ways they can be effective are building them into the player desks to flash the teams names, using them behind entrances or flanking for a dramatic entrance, using creative curved or see through LED for backdrops or set appeal.



3. Lighting & Special Effects

Just like with an LED wall, you can create the atmosphere that you want by effectively using lighting on sets, walls, and floors. You can splash colors, project logos, or even project animations to interact with your guests! There are so many ways you can use special effects to your advantage. Even something simple like projecting animations on the floor of a hallway to interact as people are walking past will make such a lasting impression!


4. High End Video Recording & Distribution 

Video is a critical part of event marketing. By recording your event, the content can later be used for event recap, trailers, and ads! Video distribution creates a sense if timeliness of your event. One of our favorite ways to distribute video is through live streaming. It creates stronger audience engagement because viewers are more invested since they are watching it live, opposed to catching up after the event is over. Live streaming creates a “FOMO (fear of missing out)”mindset and can encourage viewers to attend the following year. Using companies to stream on that are well known, like our client Twitch TV, to broadcast also guarantee’s views due to their popularity in the gaming community.


In our opinion, these are the four must-haves that you need at your eSporting event! We have been working with the eSports industry for  years and have provided AV for all sorts of events such as TwitchCon, DreamHack, and Intel Extreme Masters. We are even the official AV provider of all PAX related events! If you need specific recommendations for your tournament, we are able to save you thousands on production costs by offering world-class event technology at common sense pricing. With our experience, we are able to make your event one of a kind, memorable, and sure to stand out from the competition. Feel free to email us at, or give us a toll free call at (877) 273-6887 so we can start discussing what Reaction AV can do for you!

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