LED Screens VS. Projectors

March 12, 2018


The best events are the ones that leave a lasting impression with their attendees; the ones who get people taking about their innovative design. The ones that make people want to take videos and photos to show their friends. Visual displays have that kind of power to captivate a variety of audiences. More and more event professionals are using digital signage to create a focal point at their event.  The most popular types of digital signage are LED walls and projection screens. When trying to decide between one of these- it depends on the look and atmosphere that you are trying to achieve at your event.



LED Walls

LED Walls are becoming the most popular display option for many events. LED walls are the best for outdoor events, or large venues. They are super vibrant because they generate their own brightness so they are much more vivid to an audience than any other form of display. With LED panels, you can be more creative with how the visuals are configured. They can be built into tight spaces, large space, or any odd shaped walls! Their modular nature means you have unlimited options when setting up for a show, allowing you to be more creative and flexible. At Reaction Audio Visual we use LED walls for large conventions such as Twitch, large outdoor events such as the ESPNw Summit, and large music events such as ComplexCon. 



Projection Screens

Projection screens have a much softer look compared to LED walls. They are ideal to use when your audience will be much closer to the screen that you have. They are perfect for smaller venues, more intimate settings and morning events. The great thing about projection screens is that the set up process is much faster and there is less chance of error.  If you want to use a projection screen, one thing to keep in mind is that they require a certain amount of space between the screen and the projector. At Reaction Audio Visual we use projection screens for most of our indoor corporate meetings such as Digital Entertainment World’s panels, PRSA conferences, and AACR Summits.



The most memorable events have an exciting environment- and digital focal points are able to leave a lasting impression! There are tons of digital display options for events such as LED walls, projectors, monitors and more! If you are looking to make your event one-of-a-kind, we can help you stand out from your competition! We work with event managers nationwide! Feel free to email us at sales@reactionav.com or give us a toll-free call at (877)273-6887 so we can start discussing what we can do for you!


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