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virtual meeting & live events


Bring your event to your audience,
no matter where they are.

Let us take your message far beyond the meeting space. Live streaming is an effective way to deliver your events content to audiences around the globe.

We can deliver the same high end production you are accustomed to in a live setting and provide a way for your virtual audience to not miss a thing.

Your presenters can be in multiple locations as can your attendees. Whether that is your office, a green screen studio or a traditional venue, This scalable and flexible solution can present many options for your virtual event. 

We can create, produce and deliver high end streaming services to audiences throughout the world; whether you are streaming to 20 attendees or 20,000.  We also offer the ultimate real-time broadcast system to enable real-time visual effects and a 3d augmented reality experience…this provides for the most immersive content possible and can revolutionize how you bring the message to life! This option can even virtually transport people in from other locations to your virtual set. This allows people from across the globe to interact with each other on the same stage or environment and bring virtual elements around the presenters. 


Our team can put together a package specifically for your meeting/event needs and budget. No meeting is too small, no event is too big, we have a solution for it all.

Virtual Events Highlights
Live Events Streaming
  • Customized, fully branded broadcasting website for live streaming content on any device.

  • Full video, lighting, and audio production capabilities.

  • Easy Connectivity to your preferred streaming provider like Twitch, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

  • Formatted for any device. Laptop, Tablet, Phone, Smart TV

  • Single Point or Multi-Point Broadcast Capabilities on a secure, cloud based system,

What’s it look like?


The setting for your meeting can be as diverse as your imagination. Electronic backdrops for presenters such as a corporate office, a laboratory, a production line or the Eifel Tower – whatever meets the needs of your message can easily be presented.


What kind of meeting can we have?


It’s more a question of what kind of meeting do you need?  Hold a panel discussion with members answering questions from the audience as if they were all in the same room.  Get your message out.  Science that needs to be shared, Marketing Messages, Critical Financial Data – your topic and your message presented under your branding.


What’s Needed? 


It’s very simple: 

  • Your Message

  • An Internet Connection

  • Reaction Audio Visual

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