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Each year Bacardi holds a kickoff meeting for their key distributor in Southern California. This meeting brings together over 200 sales professionals who are provided new sales materials, new sales incentives and introduced to new products. The client reserves an exclusive resort in Southern California for the two day meeting. Reaction AV was able to provide the event technology for this event!


The venue Bacardi chosen had provided a quote for AV services that was more than the entire cost of feeding the over 200 attendees for the 2 day meeting. In addition, the information being presented included PowerPoint slides which were timed to audience participation. Some of the slides had imbedded videos which had to be synced with another music source and on the spot created commercials had to be played from the internet…all while the MC introduced them. All of these occurrences were happening to specific lighting specifications. The client felt that the venue staff would not be able to produce such a complicated presentation with flawless precision. Reaction AV was able to meet the budget requirements, saving thousands of dollars for the client. The content was presented with exact timing and the audience responded with a standing ovation in appreciation of the efforts of Bacardi USA.


Reliable, dependable and best in class service. Without hesitancy, our first call is to Reaction AV!

- Greg L. Barnett, Bacardi USA

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