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The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) is a trade organization for the specialty coffee industry founded in 1982. The SCAA is determined to set standards for growing, roasting, and brewing premium coffees. The association has members in 40 countries, including coffee retailers, roasters, producers, importers and exporters, as well as manufacturers of coffee equipment. The SCAA hosts many different coffee events including coffee competitions, coffee preparation classes, brewing classes, barista camps, and much more.


Reaction AV was the audio visual provider for the US Coffee Championships and World Barista Championships. From grinding beans, to trying different brewing methods, to creating amazing latte art…there is no doubt that there is a scientific craft behind forming the perfect cup of coffee. Reaction AV was so excited to be involved with an event that celebrates such talent. Reaction AV was one of the most important aspects in the detailed and tech-savvy execution of the event. From setting up all of the rental equipment, making sure the pics were working correctly, to live streaming the event to folks at home…with every project our team of production specialists and skilled technicians take on the challenge and deliver an experience unlike any other. You can see this accomplished at this occasion. During the US Coffee Championship announcements, they made a shout out to the AV team, “Our AV team here at the event has given us amazing coverage- they have world quality experience.”

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