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The Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach is the longest running major “street race” in North America. It is a open-wheel race held on a street circuit. The attendance for the weekend exceeds 200,000 people! It is billed as the worlds fastest beach party as the track takes over a portion of downtown Long Beach for 3 days of racing. The weekend includes a large rock concert and exhibit hall along with of course the races including drift challenge and a celebrity race.


We first started working with the Grand Prix for their 2008 event because they had a major challenge; they wanted to move the technology they used in their executive suites on the track to HD. But their provider was only accommodating antiquated technology. We were able to offer them similar pricing to their current provider, yet upgrade all 250 monitors used on the track to HD. This provided a better picture in the suites of the live race as well as a better appearance too. We also supported their exhibitors in Lifestyle Expo and now provide their concert rig as well for bands like Joan Jett and Motley Crew’s Vince Neil. We are now the official AV provider for the Grand Prix and have a multi-year contract with them to provide the services for their annual event.


We value our partnership with Reaction Audio Visual and would recommend your services to any event operator who is conducting a large [or small] scale hospitality and trade show operation as a part of their event. As you know, between the number of suites, hospitality tents, exhibitors, press room, and operations our television requirements are huge and your company has done a great job in supplying us with the quality equipment we need in a timely and hassle free manner. Please don’t hesitate to have a potential client call us for a recommendation.We look forward to working with you again.

- Mike Clark, Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

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